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12mm Lembaran Logam CNC V Mesin Grooving 3 Axis Cnc Mesin Kontrol Otomatis

kualitas baik Rem hidrolik Press CNC untuk penjualan
kualitas baik Rem hidrolik Press CNC untuk penjualan
Ulasan pelanggan
kami senang untuk bekerja sama dengan ALAT MESIN WUXI JINQIU, kualitas mesin 2-WE67K-500/600 mereka lebih baik dan layanan purna jual sangat baik.

—— Kelompok AMA Baharain

kami membeli rem pers CNC WE67K-500/6000 dari WUXI JINQIU ALAT MESIN untuk menekuk tiang lampu, kami puas dengan mesin dan layanan mereka.

—— Pelanggan Amerika

rem tandem tekan CNC 2-WE67K-400/7000 menekuk tiang lgiht kualitas yang lebih baik, kami sangat puas dengan layanan mereka, bekerja sempurna!


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12mm Lembaran Logam CNC V Mesin Grooving 3 Axis Cnc Mesin Kontrol Otomatis

Cina 12mm Lembaran Logam CNC V Mesin Grooving 3 Axis Cnc Mesin Kontrol Otomatis pemasok

Gambar besar :  12mm Lembaran Logam CNC V Mesin Grooving 3 Axis Cnc Mesin Kontrol Otomatis

Detail produk:

Tempat asal: Cina
Nama merek: JQ
Sertifikasi: CE
Nomor model: SBC-1250X3200

Syarat-syarat pembayaran & pengiriman:

Kuantitas min Order: Min. 1 set
Kemasan rincian: palet besi dan wadah kasus kayu: 20'GPx1
Waktu pengiriman: 30 hari
Menyediakan kemampuan: 5 set setiap bulan
Detil Deskripsi produk
Nama: Pengepakan:
kedalaman pemotongan: Kontrol otomatis : 0,4-0.6mpa
: :
Cahaya Tinggi:

cnc grooving machine


sheet metal grooving machine


12mm Metal Sheet V Grooving Machine / 3 axis cnc machine Automatic Control


sheet V grooving machine, V groover,V cutting machine,CNC plate V grooving machine

CNC sheet V groove Machine Performace:
V groover Make the V shaped grooving before bending of sheet metal, the working parts
shall have edges and corners are distinct with correct and pretty appearance.
For the sheet metal after grooving, it can form special materials with complicated
shapes on the common bending machine. Automatic pneumatic clamping device
is used for sheet metal and servo motor is used for knifes.
The processing and positioning precision is good. Double cutting with high
production efficiency.


welcome to contact:

WhatsApp:+86 13961729519


1500x3200 sheet V grooving machine Feature:
This CNC V slotting machine composed of bed, beam, tool rest, cnc system, pneumatic
material hold-down unit, compressed air blowing and cooling system. It is
a gantry type grooving machine.
The bed and beam is box-type structure. Steel welded structure, tempering
aging to eliminate stress. Good rigidity and accuracy.
Tool rest action of moving forward and backward(Y axis), up and down(Z axis),
and forward and backward on hold-down(Yaxis) are all controlled by cnc system.
 AC Servo drive, ball screw transmission, with high accuracy and location accuracy.
Left and right moving of beam(X axis) use ac frequency conversion motor drive,
transmission motion with gear and rack, with high speed, strong loading capacity.
The pneumatic hold-down system ensure good machining precision and repeat
accuracy, which can automatically adapt different sheet thickness.
stainless steel CNC V cutting machine Paramter:

Type CNC V cutting machine)
Thickness of plate 0.6-4mm
Length for plate to be processed 3200mm
Width of plate 1250mm
Cutting velocity 15m/min-60m/min
Feeding speed 2m/min-0m/min
Y axis minimum unit set 0.01mm
Y axis minimum position accuracy ±0.05
Z axis minimum unit set 0.01mm
Z axis minimum position accuracy ±0.03
X axis motor power 4kw
Y axis motor power 1.5kw
Z axis motor power 1kw
Pneumatic pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Dimension 4800×2200×2200mm
Weight about 7200kg
Controller system DELTA
Delivery date 25 days after receive  down payment


Configuration Of alloy blade V groover Machine:

CNC control system       DELTA  taiwang

inverter                           TATSU DENTSU

servor motor                   TATSU DENTSU

reducer                            SEW  Germany

Linear guide                     SILVER Taiwang

ball screw                         SILVER Taiwang

commuication cable          Easy Grath   Germany

Pneumatic componets:     AIRTAC        Germany       

cooling system                  BEIQIER

electrical componnets:     Scheider

Our Service from CNC sheet V grooving machine manufacturer:
Warranty : one year
Engineers available to serve machine overseas
Strict factory inspection
Complete equipment manual
Online instruction
Provide all components, spare parts and consumptive materia
 Enclosed Accessorers of Automatic V grooving machine:

  • backing plates of machine tool
  • operation instruction for H4 system
  • manual of lubrication pump
  • inner hexagon spanner(1~10)
  • inner hexagon spanner(14)
  • oil gun
  • high speed steel (6*18*200mm)
  • feeler block
  • alloy blade
  • fixture of alloy cutter for 3 alloy blades
  • fixture of high speed steel
  • chip removal hook
  • cutter arbor for alloy blade
  • extended hexagon wrench

10mm stainless steel making V groove, the depth of grooving is 8mm.

12mm Lembaran Logam CNC V Mesin Grooving 3 Axis Cnc Mesin Kontrol Otomatis

More information please contact us:

WhatsApp:+86 13961729519

wechat:+86 13961729519




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